Frequently Asked Questions.

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The installation method uses a common z-clip principle wall mounting set, included with every panel. An electrical connection (220V AC or 110V AC) in the exact location of the panel is required to power the panel. The connection can be through an outlet or directly wired. For more information, please refer to our installation guide in the “Product Details” section.
It is not necessary for an electrician or professional tradesperson to install the panel. We do recommend two people install the panel. Depending on the size of the panel, it can be difficult to install alone.

Normally we do not provide installation services as the installation does not require an external tradesperson or electrician. Please contact us, if you need further support (  

There are multiple ways to visualize and control digital content: you can either play back the 25 pre-installed light scenes (dynamic and static scenes) through our app or the touch menu or upload your own content (WiFi or Ethernet) via a browser or hot plug any HDMI-enabled media player such as a laptop, PC or an AppleTV via HDMI cable (HDMI capability is optional). For the best viewing experience, we recommend a large volatiles art panel (size M or larger).

Yes, you can connect an AppleTV device to a volatiles panel via HDMI cable (HDMI connectivity is optional). For the best viewing experience, we recommend a large volatiles art panel (size M or larger).

The panel uses a standard 2.4 GHz WiFi connection or a wired Ethernet connection to transfer data. If available on the wall, a wired Ethernet connection is the most stable option. For most applications, the WiFi pairing method is sufficient and even without any WiFi network available, the panel can be operated via the built-in touch menu (if touch activity is selected).
The panel is designed and recommended to be wall mounted. Ceiling installations are possible, but require additional mounting hardware. Please contact us for ceiling installations. Floor installations are not permitted, the panel is not designed for this application.
The LEDs in our panels have a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours. If used 8 hours per day, 7 days per week, that’s over 34 years of use. We use the high quality branded and certified LEDs which are thoroughly tested in our factory.
Please visit one of our showrooms (by appointment only) or get in touch with us (
We use authentic materials for both our surfaces and electronic components. Our mosaic glass is sourced in Italy. Our wood is sourced from France. Our high-tech concrete is sourced from Germany. And our natural stone is sourced from suppliers worldwide. We exclusively use branded and certified electronic components and the assembly of every panel takes place in Germany.
The panel is shipped door-to-door in an air-tight sturdy wooden crate to avoid any damage. Every shipment is tracked and insured for the full value.
The weight of the panel varies depending on the type of surface material selected and ranges between 18-26 kg per square metre. Please refer to the technical specification section in the “Product Details” section.
The power consumption varies between 120–375 watts per square metre of panel. Please refer to the technical specification section in the “Product Details” section for more information.
Each panel is custom built to order in Berlin, Germany. We do offer returns, under certain circumstances, for panels purchased through our online configurator. The panel needs to be returned within 7 days in an unused condition and in its original packaging. The return shipment is at the customer’s expense and must be insured for the full value. The panel will then be inspected thoroughly and a cleaning and processing fee may apply. Bespoke panels which are ordered through our showroom, not with the online configurator, are not returnable. We recommend that you visit our showrooms before finalising your custom order. Please contact us with any questions at
If it’s technically feasible, we’re happy to create it for you? Refer to our Bespoke section of our website or contact us for more details
At present, we offer a KNX integration (for example GIRA Home Server) for the panel. This way, the panel can be controlled via a KNX server and its KNX app. Please get in touch with us to discuss all details.
We thoroughly test every panel before it’s shipped. In the case of a defect, please contact us as soon as possible ( Depending on the size of the panel, we will determine if it’s more feasible to ship the panel to us for repair or if we send a service technician to you. The panels can be serviced from the front and there’s no need to uninstall the entire panel. During the warranty period, we will repair your panel at no cost. Terms and conditions apply.
The standard warranty period is 2 years from the day the customer receives it. We offer a 5 year extended warranty at an additional cost. Please contact us for more details (

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