Our Story

volatiles is a pioneer and leading manufacturer for premium surface materials backlit with LED and sensor technology.

Read more about what we do and our milestones.

Our Story

volatiles is a pioneer and leading manufacturer for premium surface materials backlit with LED and sensor technology.

Read more about what we do and our milestones.

From Idea to Reality

In the beginning, we had a vision to create a modular lighting system, which was autonomous, fully programmable and available in unlimited forms. So our founders started by developing small LED boards which could be connected in any order to create a larger LED panel.

Emerging from the incubators of two universities, volatiles was founded in 2015. In early 2018, volatiles unveiled the world’s first luminous, touch-sensitive and programmable glass mosaic wall. This groundbreaking product debuted at the Light+Building trade fair. In 2023, we introduced several new surface materials such as luminous concrete, natural stone, and wood. Over the years we filed for several patents and won several prestigious industry awards.

One constant at volatiles is our passion to push the boundaries of technology and design. We are committed to delivering outstanding quality and beautiful innovative light art to our customers.

Material x Technology = volatiles

Our surface materials takes centre stage with our hidden technology. When turned off, you enjoy a beautiful panel of mosaic, wood, stone or concrete; not an unattractive black screen.

When turned on, the lights, sensors and controls create a dynamic and interactive symphony of light.

Premium Materials

We exclusively use premium materials such as glass mosaics from Northern Italy, translucent woods from France, premium natural stone sourced worldwide and high tech concrete embedded with fibre optic wires.

Our selection of surface materials is meticulously curated and optimised for use with highest quality LED and sensor technology.

Visit our showroom in Berlin-Tiergarten to experience our dynamic art panel.

Highest Quality

Our development and production reside together in Berlin. This allows us to respond to individual requests and bring new ideas to reality. Each art panel is hand assembled and quality tested with our exceptionally high standards before delivery to you. Our customer service is as exceptional as our products and continues long after your purchase.

Proudly made in

Patents, Prizes and Awards

Our technology has obtained several patents, and our lighting solutions have received numerous awards including the German Innovation Award in 2018.

We continually strive to bring our customers innovative product designs in the form of artistic, dynamic and interactive light panels.

Media Presence and Trade Show Appearances

volatiles has been featured in numerous relevant national and international trade publications and has exhibited at leading trade fairs in the fields of lighting and design.

In 2018, we were featured on the popular television show ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ (Germany’s equivalent to America’s ‘Shark Tank’ reality show featuring innovative new businesses).


  • May 2015: Incorporation of volatiles as a limited company
  • Early 2016: First headquarter inside Schleicher Elektronik in Berlin Schöneberg
  • Early 2017: Collaboration with manufacturing partner LEDVANCE / OSRAM
  • March 2018: World premiere at Light+Building trade show with ‘Luminous Mosaic Wall’ (1st generation)
  • September 2018: Appearance on ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ (equivalent to ‘Shark Tank’)
  • February 2019: Launch of IP67 version for humid areas
  • July 2019: Certification for the USA (UL certification)
  • October 2019: Introduction of first ‘digital’ shower (Aquamoon Delight ATT®, in collaboration with DORNBRACHT)
  • Late 2020: Installation of the largest single surface in the USA, approximately 26 sqm
  • Late 2021: First order for a 90-meter luxury yacht at LÜRSSEN shipyard
  • Mid 2022: New showroom in Berlin-Tiergarten
  • Early 2024: Market launch of the 2nd generation with 3 new surface materials