Natural Stone

Eternal Beauty and Technology

Natural stone continues to be a timeless and beautiful surface. Our invisible technology transforms these ancient surfaces into unique and unexpected light art.

We offer the choice of three natural stones especially curated for their classic beauty and translucent qualities: Calacatta Vagli, White Carrara and Estremoz. Each stone surface is laminated onto safety glass.

Touch-Sensitive Stone

The combination of LED and touch technology transforms any slab of stone into a fascinating piece of art on your wall.

Full Control at Your Fingertips

Interactive art at your fingertips or with an app. Our art panels respond to the touch of your fingers or with the control of an app.

Precision Engineering

Our engineers have invisibly merged the surface material with all electronic components (LED light source, PSUs and media player) in a flat aluminum panel.

We Offer Bespoke Solutions

We work closely with you to create your art solution in a variety of shapes, colours and material options. Connect with us to learn more.

Technical Information

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Light scenes included

Control via app

Video input

Touch (optional)

  • Wall mounting only (surface-mounted or recessed)
  • LED: RGB SMD with P2.5 pixel pitch, 16 bit
  • Lifespan: >100,000 hours
  • Resolution: 160,000 / sqm
  • Brightness: 3,000 cd / sqm (excl. material)
  • Connectivity: WiFi at 2.4 GHz (built-in antenna) or Ethernet
  • Touch technology: capacitive (M-PCAP), multiple touch points
  • Control via visual touch menu (optional) and native app
  • 25 built-in light scenes
  • Media player: picture and video playback (via WiFi or HDMI cable, optional)
  • Files supported: JPEG, motion JPEG, MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, BMP, GIF, PNG, WEBP, MVC, Google VP8/VP9 and more
  • Internal storage: 16 GB
  • Power consumption: 120W (average per sqm) to 375W (peak per sqm)
  • Weight: 14 – 18 kg per sqm
  • LED module input voltage: 5V DC
  • System input voltage: 230V AC
  • Maintenance type: front maintenance
  • Typical use: indoor only (IP20)

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